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07 Dec

Country Profile

07 Dec 2016
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Country Name:

Conventional Long Form:

Islamic Republic Of IRAN

Name Origin:

The Name ( Iran ) Comes from the old persian word meaning (( The land of Aryans))

Iran has been the name of this country at least since the Sasanid period. however . until 1935 the English- speaking wold knew this country as persia . a legacy of the Greeks Who named the region after its most important province. pars ( present - day fars)

Flag Description:

Iran's flag is composed of three equal horizontal bands of green white and red ( from top to bottom). 


Middle east


Total : 1.648.195million Sq. km

Land: 1,636 million Sq. km

Water: 12,000

Comparative : the size of the United Kingdom, France, Spain , Italy, and Switzerland all combined.

Land boundaries:

Total : 5440 km

coastline:2440 km

border countries: afghanistan 936 km, armenia 35km , azerbaijan proper 432km , azerbaijan- naxicivan exclave 179 km , iraq 1,458km, pakistan 909 km.turkey 499 km, turkmenistan 992 km,

Climate : 

mostly arid or semiarid subtropical along the caspian coast.

Natural resources:

Petroleum , natural gas , coal, chromium, copper , iron, lead , manganese, zing , sulfur