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01 Dec

Technical Manager

01 Dec 2016
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 Mr. Fahood Amin Moghadam

Living in Tbilisi - Georgia

Education : Bachelor of Business Administration - University of Guilan

 Strategic Management, International Marketing Management, Production Management & Storage

 - Thesis: Design, Gilan hood factory job classification and chart review ,


Professional Experience:

Business consultant telecomiran

• Business consulting and Branding firm BASTAN tourism & Travel Agency

Technical Administrator of Tourism & Tour Planner in Darya Masir & KHorshid talaee Travel Agency Co.( 2012 to Now)

•Enforcement Introduction of Lotus International Development Corporation (representing Fiat)

•First festival Luxury car Milad Tower in Tehran

• Enforcement ceremonial Symposium NOVIN CHARM ( 2010)

• Advertising Consultant in project IPTV Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

• Advertising consultant and Branding director in Ariana and Apadana companies

•Advertising Consultant Lotus Development Corporation International (Agent Fiat)

• Enforcement first drug conference Iraq _ Iran

Interior Design:

-Booth design and implementation international pavilion Cummins Exhibition UK

-Design and implementation of international pavilion Elitech

-Design and implementation International Exhibition Parsian Diesel Power Plant in 2013

-Booth design and enterprise MBC German Pavilion Expo 2012

--Design and implementation of studio aRtman

- Design and implement contemporary culture in 2008

Web design

_ Web design engineering services

_ Web design library, Tehran University

_BBK web design

_Web design, an industrial

- products, shellfish

_Web Page Design Company Kamya

Industrial Photography:

- Design promotional photos of the line kitchen appliances MASA

- Design promotional photos from the production line and plant products Sarbedaran


_ Brochure Design Mavala

_ Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company brochure design

_ Brochure design and black dam Grove

_Brochure design systems in Nebras

- International Exhibition of Chemical Industry

_ Brochure Design Iran Chemical Industries Investment Co.

_ Brochure design company Padalayndh Tehran

_Brochure design Iran's Pars Vacuum Industries

_ Brochure design automation systems company set webras

_ Nilou tile design brochure

_ Catalog Design researched and produced by Iran Khodro

_ Brochure design company ITMC coma

_ Brochure Design industrial manufacturing company in Khorasan

_ Brochure design ideal equipment

_Catalogue of the National Museum of Iran in 2010


_ World AIDS Day Poster Design Exhibition Typhuf Germany

_Poster Design The first international exhibition of metal

_Poster Design Annual International Conference on Mechanical Engineering

_Poster Design CIRO containers Sweden